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Unlike other countries, the Day of the Dead in México has a strong indigenous influence, where fear becomes joy and past acquires memory status. These parties happen every year at the end of October and at the beginning of November in honor to the deceased.

This tradition stands out by every family’s or town’s sigularity: there are people who spread flower petals and put candles and offerings along the road that goes from the house to the cemetery. Another essential point is the food, which is characterized by the quantity and variety of traditional dishes that the deads liked. These dishes are placed in the family altar with personal objects and photos of the deads. According with the region, a specific offering day is given, one for kids and one for adults.

UNESCO decided to award this tradition the Declaration of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008, pursuant to the tradition’s quality and carefulness by the significance indigenous people give to their ancestors, in this way satisfying a social function of knowledge, respect and individuality.

In Mexico City, the most important Day of the Dead tradition is the one held at the Mixquic neighborhood in Tláhuac, where bells announce the visit of the deceased and massive sugar skulls, cempasúchil flowers, paper ornaments and enormous amounts of arrangements and dishes. Indigenous parties dedicated to the dead are part of the life of any Mexican town.

This merger between prehispanic rituals and Catholic celebrations allow the approach to two beliefs, which show that syncretism is not only a combination but also an opportunity for tolerance and cultural dialogue.

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