National History Museum, Chapultepec Castle

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Bosque de Chapultepec I Sección s/n, Col. Bosque de Chapultepec. 11100, Polanco-Chapultepec

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The Chapultepec Castle hosts the National History Museum. It is located on top of the Cerro del Chapulín, the most visible hill in the Mexico Valley, and has been vitally important for inhabitants of the region since the 13th century B C.

In 1785, during the Viceroyalty period, the construction of Chapultepec Castle was begun. It is an imponent building which originally was created as a rest home for governors. It has been headquarters of Colegio Militar, where the famous battle against USA army was fought, in which cadets called Niños Héroes died. After that, it was the first Astronomic Observatory.

It was a vacational retreat for rulers during the Mexican Second Empire and also presidential residence. It houses the National History Museum since 1939. The Castle, as we all now know it, has suffered little transformations since Maximiliano and Carlota conditioned it as residence, with the style of great European palaces.

The museum gathers different permanent collections of paintings, numesmatics, documents, technology, clothing and furniture of different times in Mexican history, since the fall of Tenochtitlán in 1521 until Mexican Revolution in the beginnings of XX century. This place is a venue for concerts, conferences, theather and dancing shows.

Its embrasure is one the most visited balconies during weekends. The building not only speaks of the architectonical beauty or the histories born there, but also of the majesty of a dynamic city which is still in construction. With views over the Chapultepec Forest and the Polanco neighbourhood, it is a city’s balcony on the top of the Chapulín hill.

This is the ideal museum for children to learn history and play in the wide space of Chapultepec forest.

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