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Venustiano Carranza #153, Col. Centro. 06000

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Mexico’s City downtown holds multiple treasures, whether in architecture or in the form of a sculpture, that sometimes are little known and others are located in unthinkable places. An example of the latter are the Nichos Barrocos settled in old buildings within the area. It just take to look high to appreciate their esthetic value, for they are dated from the XVIII century.

1. San José, between Jesús María and Venustiano Carranza streets.

2. Santiago Matamoros, between Uruguay and Roldán streets.

3. La Virgen María y el niño, in front of the Santísima Church.

4. Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, between Tacuba and Brasil streets.

5. San Pascual Bailón, between Academia and Guatemala streets.

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