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Blvd. Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez s/n, Col. Barrio 18. 16034, Xochimilco

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The Xochimilco Lake was one of the five lakes which were part of lake region where the Mexica culture that settled built Gran Tenochtitlan. Among the variety of villagers that were part of this society Xochimilcas stood out. This village adapted and grew around the lake. It developed an agriculture system that survives until present day: chinampería. This system consists of cultivating in an extension of land surrounded by water, where diverse crops and ornamental flowers are planted. This was the reason why Xochimilco gained the category of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Mankind in 1987 by the UNESCO.

The Xochimilco Lake and its culture offer the opportunity to peek into prehispanic lifestyle, their values and beliefs. Endemic species, unique in the world, live in this place, such as axolotl, acocilli, charare, Moctezuma’s frog and trees such as ahuexotl. In this area there are 212 bird species. Every spring, migratory birds come from Alaska, Canada and United States such as Eastern white pelican, osprey and kingfisher. It is an opportunity to see these species.

The visitor may rent one trajinera boat in different platforms and enter the lake canals. Especially for children is a unique experience. On the trip you will be offered Mexican snacks and beverages. A mariachi song, a trio song or marimba song may be ordered. A must do visit is the one to Julián Santana’s Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas), where the dolls he found on the street are hanging on the trees and give the place a eery touch. There is so much history around this place: legends and traditions that are worth to know.

The Xochimilco Lake was registered in World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987, not only for the beauty of its canals but also the chinampera maintenance system, which dates from México-Tenochtitlan period and that served of great help for the development of Mexican popullation.

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