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The The Main Campus of National Autonomous University of Mexico —heir of the oldest university in the New Spain— is declared a World Heritage Site for being an "exemplary monumental ensemble of the twentieth century modernity".

Mexico needed a university capable of training generations that would launch the country into the modern era. It was conceived during the 40s and, on one hand, the project stresses the identity values ​​of the Mexican people, their cultures and their history; on the other hand, science, knowledge, humanism and education are postulated as cornerstones for building the society of the future.

The most brilliant minds of that time were involved in the construction project for the new campus:  up to 200 architects, engineers, philosophers and artists worked together to design the university of all Mexicans. They drew inspiration from the ancestors for the concept of the space. They took as reference the architectural avant-garde to create a campus where everything has a reason for being: a purpose, a function. And so came the big commitment that Mexico made towards modern times. A wonder that you cannot miss.

we recommend

  1. Take the guided tour through school area and Estadio Olímpico (Olympic stadium), where you will receive an explanation of both the general concept of the space and the architectural detail of each building. Tours are every Friday at 1 pm.
  2. Take pictures of the fantastic murals by O'Gorman, Siqueiros, Eppens and Chávez Morado.
  3. Visit Sculpture Space, a shocking concept that integrates the architecture and sculpture in a volcanic environment in a modern interpretation of Aztec cosmology.
  4. Bring your children to Universum, the great interactive science museum.
  5. Attend a concert at Nezahualcoyotl Hall, at the University Cultural Center.

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