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The delegation of Iztacalco's priority is to offer social tourism to allow residents and visitors to meet and enjoy their natural, cultural, culinary, recreational and relaxation diversity.

Art, history and traditions. Inhabited since pre-Hispanic times, Iztacalco has created its own history, which is a reflection of the urban population, which was originally on an island and grew up with the crops from mchinampas. The old canals network divides the current neighborhoods. Monument highlights are the San Matias Convent and the Santa Cruz Chapel.

Music, legends, traditions and customs. Iztacalco preserved the wealth of its traditions such as the Procesión del Corpus, Santo Jubileo, the feast of the Santos Reyes, the feast of San Sebastián, the feast of San Miguel Arcángel, the feast of San Francisco de Asís and the traditional pilgrimage to Guadalupe and the Señor de Chalma. These traditions take us to another time and place. All celebrations are accompanied by a music band, dances, fireworks, fairs and Mexican dishes, plus colorful processions and carnivals.

 In dreamy contrast, the most current modernity. The Foro Sol hosts the most massive concerts and brings together the greatest artists of the moment before their thousands of fans. The Hermanos Rodriquez Race Track is also home to major events including Formula 1 from 2015.

we recommend

  1. Stroll through the heart of Iztacalco visitang its most important baroque churches: San Matías Apostol Convent and Santa Cruz Chapel.
  2. Attend the colorful Corpus Christi procession in June, the most traditional in Iztacalco.
  3. Engage in the Holy Jubilee during August to admire the elaborate decoration of the temples and participate in the festive atmosphere.
  4. Attend a huge concert at Foro Sol. The energy of thousands of spectators singing together is impressive.

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