San Ángel

NEIGHBORHOODS · The most charming corners are probably to be found here among the bougainvillea and cobbled streets.


San Angel grew up around the great Carmen convent. The heavenly fruit gardens of the convent attracted the capital's aristocracy, who found here the perfect place for their holiday homes. And so the picturesque San Ángel was built. Narrow cobbled streets. Beautiful colonial style houses with large gardens and delicate gratings. Wooded squares ideal for a moment's rest. Flower markets. An idyllic place that attracted Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo and where they built their homes.

Today San Ángel is a favorite spot for residents and tourists on the weekends. On Saturdays, the area is full of bustle and animation. A typical arts & crafts market sets up at the Plaza de San Jacinto and on the streets and squares surrounding it.

Several shopping centers specializing in quality crafts, antiques and traditional products, folk art shops and street markets attract thousands of visitors who come to stroll around, shop, buy souvenirs and eat at the local restaurants in the neighborhood. The most demanding palates will also find excellent restaurants nearby, some of international renown. A must-go destination for all who visit Mexico City

we recommend

  1. Come on Saturday morning stroll, browse and buy your souvenirs in one of the shops or at the traditional markets of popular arts and crafts.
  2. Find antiques and fine products in specialized stores. A real treat.
  3. Find the Arcangeles Square, sit under a tree and take a rest from the bustle of the market.
  4. Go to see the mummies of the exconvento del Carmen. Spooky.
  5. Visit Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo's twin homes, the first functionalist buildings designed by O'Gorman in Mexico.

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