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The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, one of the top references for lovers of haute cuisine, is published every year. 1,000 chefs, food writers and gourmet travelers vote for the world’s best restaurants. In 2015, three Mexico City restaurants featured on this exclusive list: came in Quintonil 12th, Pujol 25th and Biko 43th.

The three restaurants provide a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine, with their passion, creativity, respect for ingredients and profound knowledge of Mexican tradition. The result is, in all cases, a stimulating dining experience. Polanco offers three different ways of putting Mexican cuisine at the top, where it should be.

Quintonil, run by chef Jorge Vallejo, offers contemporary cuisine with produce from his urban orchard. Try the huauzontles (Aztec spinach) with Chiapas cheese. Lastly, Biko’s Spanish cuisine blends Mexican food with the Basque culinary tradition. Try the papada, a pork dish with corn, cheese and quelite (lambsquarters). Its chefs Mikel Alonso, Gerard Bellver and Bruno Oteiza await you. 

Pujol is a benchmark of Mexican haute cuisine. Its chef, Enrique Olvera (who received a lifetime achievement award this year), reinterprets traditional Mexican dishes and ingredients to devise innovative creations. One appetizer you shouldn’t miss: corn on the cob with leaf-cutter ant mayonnaise. Bon appétit!

In addition to its global ranking, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants lists the 50 best restaurants in Latin America including another five in Mexico City: Sud777 in Jardines del Pedregal, with contemporary Mexican cuisine. Maximo Bistrot, which only uses sustainable, local produce and Rosetta, with seasonal cuisine and excellent bakery, both in the colonia Roma. It is worth going to Azcapotzalco to sample genuine Mexican slow food at Nicos. Back in Polanco, Dulce Patria’s tempting offerings are guaranteed to surprise.

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