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You would want to take it all home. Mexican folk art is exquisite. It is the fusion of the indigenous world with Europe, or indigenous worlds, because the extraordinary diversity of cultures is reflected in artistic production. The magnificent Popular Art Museum (MAP) is a must for beginning to sense what Mexico is.

From everyday rituals to the sacred and ending with the abundance of imagination that the world of fantasy inhabits. In few places in the world will you find such a creative explosion and better mastery of technique. The elegance of Talavera pottery, magnificent textiles of the Mayan World, the psychedelic colors of the Huichol, the modern lines of the traditional copper pots of Santa Clara, the fine detail of the lacquer work, the honesty of the saddlery, the work of thousands of embroiderers across the country, jaguars that seem to have come out of an art nouveau collection, animals transformed into fantastic wood carvings... Mysticism, a naive point and another of humor, daring use of color and shapes. We guarantee a visit that will astound you and make you smile.

You can not go empty handed. The tempting museum shop has collector's items for the perfect little gift. If you are a serious buyer visit the store before going to the bazaars and markets. Here is where you'll find the best of the authentic.

If you like folk art and you kept wanting more, don't miss the Banamex collection in the Iturbide Palace and the National Museum of Popular Cultures in Coyoacán.

The MAP has shops, even if they are smaller, you can find some in Polanco and in the domestic terminal of the airport. If you want to know authentic folk art, look for it in FONART stores in the center, Galería Reforma, National Palace, Patriotismo and the international terminal of the airport.

If you like the curiosities or something very, very typical, go to the San Juan Crafts and Curiosities Market, a couple of blocks away.

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