A mammoth and time travel

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A mammoth, meteorites, dinosaurs and fossils, creaky floors and hardwood cabinets. If you did not like school science, the amazing UNAM Geology Museum will fascinate you. A space belonging to another time, where one expects to find men wearing hats and corseted ladies in bright rooms with large windows and French style mosaic floors.

The entrance is impressive. After climbing the stairs, the hall is presided over by a magnificent art nouveau staircase forged in Germany. And sticking out from under is a huge mammoth skeleton that occupies much of the main hall between classical columns and a delicately decorated ceiling. In rooms, delicate, vintage showcases display wonderful collections of fossils, minerals and even meteorites. The dinosaurs are not to be missed, they delight young and old alike. A little gem for explorers

The Museo de Geología is located in the middle of Alameda de Santa Maria la Ribera. In the center of Alameda, another unexpected discovery: the beautiful and elaborate Moorish kiosk that Mexico took to the Universal Exhibition of New Orleans in 1884 -1885.

It is preferable to visit the Museum and the kiosk during the day, you will appreciate them much more.

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