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The most famous men from the arts, science and politics rest in peace in a very peculiar round building. If you like visiting places off the beaten track, you should visit the almost unknown Dolores Cemetery, probably the largest cemetery in the country, where you’ll find the Rotunda of Illustrious Persons a space designed to honour the memory of those who have contributed their work to the homeland.

Agustín Lara, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Ricardo Flores Magón, Diego Rivera, Juan O’Gorman, Dolores del Río and Virginia Fábregas are buried here. But beyond this place’s historical value, the rotunda stands out for its unusual funerary monuments. What better way to remember the deceased than through their work. For example, the tomb of Carlos Ramírez Ulloa, founder of the Federal Electricity Commission, is in the shape of a bolt of lightning. Diego Rivera’s tomb will remind you of the Anahuacalli museum. Busts, columns, obelisks, cubist designs, modern art, anchors, pens, books, atoms, harps and canopies; allegories of a lifetime.

Dolores Cemetery is situated in Chapultepec’s second section.

Photographs are allowed, but take them with a respectful and discreet attitude.

You can visit the rest of the cemetery which, due to its exquisite 19th century funerary monuments, was declared a Historic Monument Area. The Italian and German lots are especially recommended.

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