Adventure in the Xitle volcano

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They call it the navel. The crater of the Xitle volcano in the Cumbres del Ajusco National Park does not look like a volcano crater from the outside. Covered in vegetation, you have to climb to the summit to see the crater. To get there, steep trails; inside,  lava caves. A must-do for trekking enthusiasts, mountain bikers and adventurers.

Set off by climbing up, surrounded by forest, where the atmosphere is cool. The path increasingly requires our attention because, as we approach the crater rim, it becomes very steep. We imagine how this paradise was 2000 years ago when a hell of lava and ash emanated from this peaceful place and covered everything around it. Today there is quietness and communion with nature.

When you reach the top take some time to rest and contemplate the crater that stretches before you. No need to be afraid, it is dormant. Really! If you came to see the caves, your guide will show you the path. Going down to the lava tunnels is an otherworldly experience. As you go inside the depths of the volcano, you can not help thinking that once these cold black walls were fire.

If you like camping, you can camp inside the crater. In rainy season, when the forest is wet, thousands of fireflies surround you at night offering an unforgettable show.

The climb is not difficult but steep in parts. Consider your physical condition before beginning the ascent.

Bring shoes suitable for mountain climbing, water, a jacket, sunscreen and food.

We recommend climbing the southern slope. From the Picacho Road, take the turn off to Santo Tomás and look for signs to the old road to Xitle.

There are mountain bike trails bordering the volcano. The rises and falls are steep so it is recommended for experts only.

You should only enter the lava caves accompanied by a guide.

Xitle was the volcano that destroyed Cuicuilco and created the Pedregal de San Angel.

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