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Morning running along the avenue shaped like a racetrack. Amsterdam Avenue cuts through the heart of La Condesa, wrapping around Mexico Park like a belt. This circular avenue is perfect for running, with the central strip surrounded by gardens and a lovely track under the trees. When the trees are in bloom, the neighborhood turns lilac. On this pleasant sidewalk, residents walk their dogs, ride bicycles and exercise.

While running take a look at the benches with tile features, they are original Art Deco just like the rest of the neighbourhood in its original layout. Start your run in one of the squares at the north and south ends of the avenue: Popocatépetl and Citlaltépetl, two mythical volcanoes of Mexico. The full lap of the circuit is 1.9 km.

Amsterdam is elliptical because it was built on the what used to be Countess of Miravalle' horse racetrack, after whom the district (La Condesa) was named.

When running stay alert to vehicular traffic when crossing the street.

If you want to extend the run go to Mexico Park in the centre of the settlement, or to the España Park crossing Nuevo León at plaza Popocatépetl.

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