Back to childhood in the Toy Museum

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I had one just like it! And suddenly, a cascade of memories: I am with my neighbor, my best friend at age seven. I smell the hot cake and chocolate at snack time. I see the cat pass by silently, the same one that scratched me. I look up, everything is very high and out-of- reach ... I am seven years old again.

In the Antique Toy Museum of Mexico you will have a good time. You will spend hours or days remembering, what you thought was forgotten. Come with your family, this time you are the guide: you tell your children from your own experience how to play with this toy, the moments I spent with that one, my friend had one just like that.

The museum shows part of an extraordinary collection of more than a million handcrafted and traditional toys that were part of our childhood. Planes, puzzles, trains, horses, dolls, kitchenettes, carts, robots and soldiers; in wood, brass, plastic, cloth, cardboard, with stuffing and in paper: Everything is included in this curious museum of nostalgia.

Check the museum agenda, on Saturdays there are always scheduled activities. How about a hula-hoop workshop?

Bring your children to show them how you played, or come with friends to have a good time remembering old times.

If there are more than ten people, you can order a guided tour at no extra cost.

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Dr. Olvera #15, Col. Doctores. 06720

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