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Historic cantinas (the Mexican version of a pub), student bars, modern and traditional restaurants. Coyoacan is a meeting place for thousands of students from nearby universities, professionals, bohemians, intellectuals and all kinds of people.

When the evening begins, the cantinas, bars and terraces are filled with people. It's time to take a few cold "chelas" (cold beers). At one table they are talking about how to start the weekend, how the week went and what the future plans are. At another table, two old friends are having an intimate conversation. And at another table a discussion on good and evil is going on. The relaxed atmosphere of the last hour of the day.

It's time for dinner. Some of the most traditional cantinas of Mexico City and a few trendy bars, classics of the Mexico City night scene, are in the centre of Coyoacan. The evening begins with sandwiches and pizzas. Shots of mezcal go down, bringing the spirits up.  And about the rest of the night, we will talk about it tomorrow.

The most traditional cantinas are to be found above the Francisco Sosa hub, in the centre and nearby streets. New cantinas, restaurants and bars have opened in recent years. Here are all your choices for your evening in Coyoacan.

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Av. Francisco Sosa s/n, Col. Santa Catarina. 04010

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