Chefs shop at the San Juan market

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If it's not in the San Juan Market it doesn't exist. That's what the chefs, foodies and cooks of the city say because in San Juan you find both the basics and the unimaginable. The market will surprise you. If you enjoy cooking, if you enjoy touring markets, you will find more than 300 stalls with their merchandise carefully displayed - your personal paradise.

The San Juan Market is not a market with a current design or in the style of the new gourmet markets; it is a 100% traditional market. Here they sell variety and honesty. Walk the 12 market halls and marvel at the extraordinary food supply of the highest quality from around the world. Don't be afraid to ask, besides getting to know new products, they will give you recipes and preparation tips. In many places they even offer a tasting.

The market changes color and aroma with the seasons. For Day of the Dead, sugar skulls and dead bodies are ubiquitous; in summer, mushrooms and seasonal fruits; at Christmas, everything you need for a great feast. Think of an ingredient and we challenge you to not find it. If it's not in the San Juan Market, it doesn't exist.

If you come more than once to the city, return to the market. Every day is different.

Take pictures! Besides the colors, there are foods that you will never see again. We guarantee you that much.

As in any crowded place, watch your belongings.

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