Ciudad Universitaria, World Heritage Site

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Ciudad Universitaria —CU for the locals— is a must-see for architecture lovers. The campus of the Universidad Autónoma de México is a statement of intent of a historic moment in Mexico. It is the Mexico of modernization process in the 50s, the Mexico that looked at the world and proudly displayed its identity values. It is a masterpiece declared a World Heritage Site which involved the best architects, engineers and artists of the moment.

The tour begins in the central square: A large open agora, in the style of pre-Hispanic ceremonial spaces. The courtyards are meeting spaces. Students enjoy the green areas, known as  "islands". They chat, read, romance, play frisbee, run and cycle. Mission accomplished: this is a campus to be lived.

Look out for both the magnitude and detail. At the entrance to the main courtyard, there is the extremely tall Torre de Rectoría with three murals by Siqueiros. On the side, there is probably the most recognized image of CU, the Library, designed by O'Gorman and covered with murals depicting pre-Hispanic, colonial, revolutionary and modern Mexico. Next to it is the glass facade of the Humanities building and opposite is the Faculty of Architecture and the Sciences and Arts University Museum (MUCA). The Faculty of Engineering completes the large courtyard. A ramp leads to the second courtyard, smaller, dedicated to science. The Eppens murals on the Faculty of Biological Sciences and the murals by José Chávez Morado on the Faculty of Sciences stand out.

The tour ends at the Olympic Stadium, which is built into the physionomy of its volcanic environment and which Diego Rivera described as "an architectural crater".

UNAM provides free guided tours of the campus on Fridays at 1 pm. Visit its web page for more information. If you are coming with a group or need a tour in a foreign language, call in advance and make a request on (55) 5622 0362 or contact Adriana Gonzalez at aduran7@unam.mx.

If you're in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, do not miss the monumental altars that are installed on CU.

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