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Do you remember those classic Sunday outings with the whole family? Generation after generation, Mexico City residents have gone out with their children to enjoy watching them grow up. Enjoyable family outings that remain etched in the memory forever. Today, those same places that are magical in your memory are still there, waiting for you. A perfect place to take your kids or, if they have grown up, to show your grandchildren.

Chapultepec is a great favorite with Mexico City residents. In the heart of the city, this forest is home to endless trails to run along, explore, play in, have a picnic or chase squirrels. Haunted houses, merry-go-rounds, clowns and mimes, and all kinds of snacks await you inside. The lake with the little paddling boats is a classic. Have you already been? They also have the wonderful Zoo and the Fair. Afterwards you can go to Polanco to have an ice-cream at La Michoacana while watching the remote-control boats in the lakes in Lincoln Park. A perfect day.

Another classic Mexico City Sunday is spending the day in Xochimilco. Taking a punt through the channels, eating, celebrating together ... Who would not want to come back?

In the center, a great idea for children is to go up the Torre Latino, a truly vertical adventure. You will be amazed to see the whole city below. Use the telescopes to locate anywhere in the city. In the basement, you can go on a Fantastic Journey with a 4-D simulator or try out some of the other games. Do you think you dare? Afterwards, how about some filled crusty rolls in La Vasconia or pastries right there or in La Madrid or La Ideal? They’re just next door!

Share your memories of what you did when you first went to these places with your children. As you know, happy family moments are remembered for a lifetime. One day, your children will do the same.

These trips are more fun with the whole family. Do something different next time there’s a birthday or a celebration!

These activities are for all ages, although people with delicate health or expectant mothers shouldn’t try the Fantastic Voyage. Children under 4 are not allowed to enter either.

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