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The best concerts of the moment. When the stars come to Mexico, there is only one place that can accommodate the multitude: the Foro Sol. With capacity for 55,000 spectators, the leading artists of the moment such as Shakira, The Rolling Stones, The Police, Lady Gaga, David Bowie and Miley Cirus have performed at Foro Sol. What you hear on the radio and the greatest artists alive.

If you are planning on coming to Mexico City, check the upcoming shows because the program is always amazing. You can buy your tickets in advance and make sure you see your favorite artists. Get to Foro Sol early so you can go in calmly and avoid the last minute rush. Dance with the crowd and sing along every song, even if you don´t know the lyrics.  The important thing is to feel the immense energy of thousands of people singing in unison. Enjoy a night like no other!

You can arrive by car but if you prefer to avoid the traffic there is public transportation available.

Take your time to arrive and get settled.

There are stalls all around selling food, t-shirts and everything you need for the concert, even a keepsake!


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Av. Viaducto Río de la Piedad s/n, Col. Granjas México. 08400

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