Curiosities and antiques at La Lagunilla

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A paradise for treasure hunters. Collectors of antiques, cool and sleepy students, young people looking for low cost fashion and a few tourists flock to La Lagunilla from 12 pm. Sunday is market day and La Lagunilla is one of the most popular flea markets of the city.

The Lagunilla has two sections: the antiques/flea market section and a market proper with everything else. Everything is everything. In the antiques section, which begins on the Eje Norte, you will find grandmother trunks, indescribable artifacts, antique glasses, dusty books, antique armchairs and nineteenth-century tableware. As well as curios such as stuffed animals, military paraphernalia and used wigs.

Now dive into the street market full of indie shirts, jeans, jackets and boots, cosmetics, lace lingerie, taco, snacks and organic food stalls and even a hairdresser. Perfect for the curious!

As in any crowded place, watch your belongings.

If you arrive around 12 pm you will find more stalls.

If you enjoy flea markets, you will find plenty of opportunities to stroll around in Mexico City.

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Paseo de la Reforma #250, Col. Morelos. 06600

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