Danzon at the Ciudadela

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Saturdays are danzon days at the Ciudadela. At about midday couples arrive: the men in their suits, hats and guayabera shirts; the women on their heels, fishnet stockings and fans. Come and dance danzon, the rhythm that belongs to the very soul of Mexico.

Come along and spend your Saturday afternoon at the La Ciudadela Square. The unmistakable beat of the danzon resonates and the esplanade is full of dancers. Mostly older couples, but you also see the new generations who want to preserve the tradition. The movements are graceful, restrained and extremely sensual.

Before or after the danzon, there are two sights to visit on the same square: the magnificent Jose Vasconcelos Library of Mexico located in a former tobacco factory and La Ciudadela Craft Market for shopping and finding the best souvenirs from Mexico to take home.


If you want to learn to dance danzon, in addition to Saturdays you can go to the same park on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are classes between 4 and 7 pm for all levels. In the vicinity you will also see poeple young and old learning to dance salsa, bachata, merengue and hip-hop.

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