Day of the Dead in Mixquic

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The traditional Day of the Dead. If there is one place in Mexico City where they celebrate this event, it is in San Andrés, where pre-Hispanic rituals are preserved.

Some believe that the dead return to the living by accident on 28 October. Families clean and decorate the house and the tomb. On the family altar there are plenty of candles, incense, flowers, bread and salt.

The bells mark the rhythm of each ritual. On October 31, at noon, the bells of San Andrés Apóstol ring 12 times marking the arrival of the souls of children. Families know and have already prepared their altar. White petals indicate to the child the path of the door to his/her altar. On November 1 the angels receive the young ones. They return to the sound of the 12 chimes at noon. At 3 pm the bells ring again, this time for all the deceased. And sound again at 7 pm, at which time the children go from house to house with their bells and a sack asking for offerings.

Come to the Pantheon on the Day of the Dead, November 2. At dusk the pantheon is filled with candles. It smells of incense. Everyone in Mixquic spends the night in the company of their deceased loved ones. Candles illuminate the dead on their way. Until the next year.

Always maintain a respectful attitude when you visit the cemeteries during the Night of the Dead.

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