Diego Rivera at the National Palace

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The most politically committed Diego Rivera is found on the walls of the National Palace, in the Zocalo. The history of Mexico on a journey which starts going up the grand staircase and walking through the northern corridor. Rivera's genius, his ideals and his unique vision, embodied in a monumental work: The Epic Tale of the Mexican People.

Look carefully, you are witnessing a key moment for Mexico. After the Revolution the construction of national identity began. The murals convey the values and pride of Mexico's rich cultural heritage, the claim of the great pre-Columbian civilizations, the dignity of the indigenous peoples. The utopian vision of the time, projecting a society based on the values of socialism. Art to the service of the people.

We recommend taking the guided tour of the Palace to understand the murals, Saturdays and Sundays at 11 am.

You need an ID to enter.

Also check the hall of the first Parliament, an almost intimate space. Look at the ceiling, you are being watched.

Also don't forget to stroll through the peaceful Jardín de la Emperatriz and the house-museum of Benito Juarez.

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