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Eat Like a Local Mexico is a boutique culinary tour agency that takes traveler to walk through Mexico City, the culinary scene is not only about restaurants, to fully understand Mexican Gastronomy you need to visit markets, street stalls, little restaurants, and cutting- edge cafes, each tour offers a full range of food and sightseeings. Rocio Vázquez Landeta
Eat Like a Locals founder, was born and raised in Mexico City, she is a responsable and sustainable tourism advocate, she believes in respect and understanding as a way to preserve the culture, and also in tourism as a game changer for economic and social growth, each tour founds a different social program to help mexicans.

Rocio is also a traveler, she spends 2 months per year exploring tourism best practices around the world, Eat Like a Local´s quality can be compared with tours in Shanghai, Paris or Tel Aviv, offering traveler everything she needs when traveling.

What makes Eat Like a Local different?

  • Tailor-made experiences for small groups maximum 6 people.
  • She is a travel and food blogger and PR expert, her background helps to create unique experiences for traveler. Rocio´s tours are for tour haters.
  • She promotes responsable tourism, creating respectful and lasting bonds between locals and visitors.
  • Flexibility: all tours are flexible and can be changed according to your needs
  • Every tour sponsor a different social program
  • High Quality, Eat Like a Local has only 5 stars reviews

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Whats App:  044 55 1954 6841​

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Calle Ozuluama #21, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México. 06140

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