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Eat it all, without fear. In Mexico City you can eat very well and it doesn´t matter if you are rich or poor, adventurer or picky, vegetarian or carnivore, Mexican or foreign. You'll find a thousand options to avoid starvation, that we can assure you.

Besides the extraordinary cuisine you'll find in the best restaurants, we encourage you to try the most popular food. At any time, in any corner, in every street market, you'll find stalls offering all kinds of delicacies. You'll also see taquerías, torterías and countless small establishments serving the most traditional food. Do not miss it. It is food on the go, everyday food, Mexican fast food. Tacos, flautas, gorditas, tortas, tostadas, tlayudas, tamales, quesadillas, carnitas...

Go to the markets and try whatever catches your eye. When you're walking down the street, go to the taquerías that you see are full, it's always a good sign. Stew tacos, potluck tacos, beef tacos... Every place has its specialty. Find the taquerias near you here. Also in little shops you will find food such as delicious mole tamales on calle Trinidad and the quesadillas at Santo Domingo Plaza or La Merced market. And of course tortas or sandwiches, the city's specialty. If you go through a market, do not miss the delicious carnitas. The best of Mexico City is on the streets.

Eating on the street is part of the daily life of the city. The food can be delicious but take basic precautions. In each taco or street stall you can see how food is cooked and what condition it is in. Look for clean places.

Avoid potentially dangerous products like seafood. If you are a foreigner also avoid fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as flavored waters (they may be prepared with tap water, which could make you ill).

Eat only things that are freshly prepared. Wash your hands (in many places they have sanitizer for customers). With common sense and basic precautions you should have no problems. Go for it! The local food is delicious and part of the experience of being in Mexico City.

The foodtruck movement also made it to Mexico City. Find them here.

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