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The Roma and Condesa neighborhoods are now the epicenter of Mexico City’s creative class. These neighborhoods steeped in history have been colonized by young professionals. But among the cafés, designer shops and nightclubs, there are small gems to visit. Some are small intimate spaces, others informative but all extremely vital.

In La Roma, the most famous cultural center is probably Casa Lamm, which in addition to boasting a fine bookstore and library, houses temporary exhibitions. The Object Museum (MODO) provides a fascinating glimpse of everyday life, while the Sciences and Arts University Museum (MUCA) inspires a sense of community around its slogan right to the city. For its part, the Tattoo Museum explores the social and cultural dimensions of this technique that goes beyond fashion. The Salón de la Plástica Mexicana promotes local artists’ work, while the Poeta Ramon Lopez Velarde House Museum does the same for literature.

La Condesa also boasts places for the dissemination of literature, such as the Alfonsina Chapel (Casa Museo Alfonso Reyes). For its part, the Jewish Historical and Holocaust Museum is a tribute to the Jewish people and their lives after the terrible Holocaust.

Follow the museums’ indications about the visit and taking pictures.

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