Economics can be fun. Seriously!

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How much do you have to save? Do you know how to make your money work? Do you understand how financial markets work? How could we solve the problem of scarcity? Why do exchange rates against the dollar fluctuate? How does insurance work? Is Mexico a rich or poor country? Why do so many people lack the basics? Could you do better?

Sure you think these are difficult questions but in the Interactive Economy Museum(MIDE) they make them easy. This museum achieved the unbelievable: making economics understandable to the general public, and also entertaining!

When you go you will find it full of young people, so do not hesitate to go with your children. Everyone will learn something and enjoy themselves because it is no ordinary museum either: its extraordinary way of presenting the concepts, fantastic recovery of the building and the quality of its presentation, which has won international awards, make it unique.

And to show off, take a ticket printed with your face. What more can you ask?

There are exhibitions designed for children of various ages, but teens (and adults) will find it more interesting.

Pay attention to the museum staff as these young people are advising about the different activities performed in each space, so you have the best experience.

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Calle de Tacuba 17, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad. de México. 06000

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