Exercising in Los Dinamos

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Need some action? Do you enjoy climbing rock walls? Do you want to challenge yourself with impossible trails on your bike? Do you love hiking for hours in nature? Sports enthusiasts are welcome at Los Dinamos.

In Los Dinamos you will find an unusual landscape for Mexico City, as the last river left in the city, the Magdalena, meanders across the National Park.

At the second dynamo, ask about the rock wall. There are hundreds of routes open on the wall for all levels.

If you bring your mountain bike, there are several routes in Los Dinamos, with excellent views over the city and the Sierra de las Cuatro Cruces. Get ready for fun with steep ascents and heart-stopping descents. This first route on the fourth dinamo is about 14 km. If you are skilled and have all day you can ride from Los Dinamos to the Valle de Tezontle. The round trip is 74 km, so make sure you are well prepared!

Check the specialized MBT blogs for details on the routes.

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Camino a Los Dinamos #56, San Nicolás Totolapan,CDMX 10900

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