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Exclusive, traditional and international. Saturdays and Sundays are days for eating out with family or friends. Weekend meals are conducive to long conversations before, during and after dining.

In the elegant San Angel, there is a street that has some of the best restaurants in the area concentrated into an area about the size of a block. The Avenida de la Paz, between Revolución and Insurgentes, is a true gastronomic corridor.

Some of the best chefs in town are established here offering award-winning, cutting-edge Mexican cuisine. You will also find more traditional restaurants but at an equally exquisite level. In addition to Mexican dishes, Avenida de la Paz has aromas of the Mediterranean, meats and the sea.

Choose to dine on the terrace or in the dining room, Mexican or international, whatever you want. You will always find the exquisite service you are looking for.

We recommend making a booking to guarantee a table. On weekends the restaurants are always crowded.

Most restaurants have valet parking.

Click here to see the gourmet restaurants in the San Angel area.

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