Festive Sunday in Xochimilco

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Perhaps the image of brightly colored trajineras by the canals of Xochimilco is one of the most typical images of the city. For more than 100 years, defeños gather in Xochimilco every weekend to meander along the canals in these colorful boats. They come to celebrate with the bride and groom, to celebrate a family event, to hang out with friends ... Be one more and enjoy a holiday outdoors in the purest Mexican tradition.

Head to one of the 10 piers and hire your trajinera. There they will explain the routes and prices to you. Choose your route and away you go! Your boat is ready. It is painted in bright colors, with the traditional ornamental arch that was once made of flowers and its name. The pace is leisurely; your trajinero propels the boat with his pole through the canals between houses and cornfields. You will be approached by other trajineras with mariachi or marimba. Ask for your song. After a while, there will be others approaching offering drinks, quesadillas, tacos and carnitas. Ask your special gondolier to tell you stories of Xochimilco, you will not be disappointed. An excellent plan is to go with friends or family.

The piers where you can board the trajineras are Cuemanco next to Ecological Xochimilco Park; Fernando Celada at the entrance of the center; Caltongo, Salitre, San Cristobal, Belén y Belén de las Flores in the center, Nuevo Nativitas, Zacapa and Las Flores near to Nativitas.

At the boarding points, you will find all the information about tours on trajinera with their prices and duration.

If you're in the capital on Good Friday, go to Xochimilco in the morning to watch the parade of allegorical trajineras. The guilds and associations decorate their trajineras with all types of motifs and with great detail and care. A festive day that is not to be missed.

During the month before the Day of the Dead, the La Llorona show is performed on an island, with a theatrical performance and fireworks. Check the dates.

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