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Nobody sleeps in the Zona Rosa. In the Zona Rosa everyone is welcome. It is the LGBT neighborhood of the city, in many clubs and nightclubs the atmosphere is open. Everyone comes here to live the night. By late afternoon the restaurants begin to fill up; then it's time for drinks. At weekends the DJs do not stop, the music plays all night nonstop. Everyone is on the dance floor until the sun comes up: those who are out with friends, those who just met in the night.

The best atmosphere is in calle Genova. There you will find the liveliest bars and nightclubs. In the neighborhood you will also find shows, cabarets and even karaoke in true Japanese style. Go with the energy of the most eccentric night of the city. You certainly won't forget it.

Most clubs and nightclubs are LGBT oriented or friendly. Click here to decide where to go.

If you want to meet people, Zona Rosa is a good place. Just be careful as you would in any other city in the world.

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Florencia 37-a, Zona Rosa,Ciudad de México. 06600

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