Guadalupe: The place of the apparition

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Walk in the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego. Go to the Villa de Guadalupe it is much more than visiting the Basilica. You experience first-hand the excitement of being in the very place the Virgin chose to manifest herself: the hill of Tepeyac, a place that was already sacred to the Indians, because the ancient temple to Tonantzin and Coatlicue, the mother goddess, was located here.

The new Basilica, where religious services are held and the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is displayed, was built to accommodate the increasing numbers of faithful and because of the structural problems being suffered by the ancient Basilica, today Templo Expiatorio de Cristo Rey. Notice how the temple has sunk on one side. Before taking the path that climbs the hill, stand and admire the rose garden where Juan Diego cut flowers and asked the Virgin. Go up the path and enjoy the views from the various terraces, until you get to the Cerrito Chapel to the place where the Guadalupe appeared. From here you can descend and take pictures facing the water fountains, with snake heads. Once at the bottom be sure to enter the baroque jewel that is the Pocito Chapel.

The feast of Virgen de Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12. If you come as a tourist, keep in mind that during that day and the days preceding it, millions of people come for the celebration.

Both at the top of the hill and in the food and crafts market, you can buy food and drinks, very important if you come on a hot day.

Bring comfortable shoes because it is quite a long walk and you'll be standing for a long time.

Follow the Camino Guadalupano, starting at the San Francisco Convent, continuing past the Metropolitan Cathedral and Santiago Tlatelolco Church and finally ending at the Guadalupe Basilica.

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