Historical Azcapotzalco

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Villages absorbed by the metropolis. It´s a pleasure to stroll through streets lined with stately homes and gardens. To sit on a bench and people watch. To feel the leisurely atmosphere of a pace of life of the past. It's all right there, you don't even need to leave the city.

Azcapotzalco existed before the colony and was still a village less than a century ago. We suggest you explore its center and let yourself be transported to another time. Walk the streets and look at the beautiful houses with front gardens that are still standing. In the Hidalgo garden on the main square, go into a white and red mansion where you will find the Historical Archive to see the mural of Antonio Padilla and the collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts that have been found in the district's neighbourhoods. An interesting mural by Arturo Garcia Bustos is across the square in the Casa de la Cultura, a beautiful building from Porfirio Díaz days. Look at the clock on the facade which was specially brought here from France.

Across the garden you will see the San Felipe and Santiago Apostoles Convent which is worth visiting to see the extraordinary and very rare coffered ceilings in the cloister (this is one of two surviving in all of Mexico City), the baroque altars of the church and the Rosario Chapel, essential in a Dominican church.

If you like murals, you should also go to the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Library and see Juan O'Gorman's Azcapotzalco Landscape mural.

In the Plaza Hidalgo neighborhood, you'll find very traditional restaurants, bars and cafes, such as the Dux de Venecia, one of the few centenarian cantinas still standing in the city.

Also, stop by the Azcapotzalco Market, one of the most traditional markets in the city.

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