Ideas for your CDMX photo collection

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Your memory card will smoke after a visit to Mexico City but are you sure you have the best pictures?

Amateurs and professionals, here are some ideas for 10 successful photo safaris through the city.

1. Icons You have to take great photos of the Basílica de Guadalupe, the Zocalo (better from above), the Palace of Fine Arts, the Ángel de la Independencia, or the river boats in Xochimilco.

2. Architecture. The organic façade of the Soumaya Museum; the aerial landscape of skyscrapers of  the Torres Bancomer, Reforma and the Torre Mayor, the Estela de Luz; the magnificent staircases in the Postal Palace, the Geology Museum and the National Art Museum; the functionalism of the Casas Gemelas or the nichos barrocos adorning the corners of the center.

3. Everyday lives. The genuine Historic Center outside the main sights, and the photograph of St. Jude in front of the Santa Muerte (Saint Death,) the scribes, the centuries-old shops, saloon bars and street food.

4. The Forest A walk through Chapultepec with its striking sculptures, endless paths, a castle, Mexico City residents playing cards and chess, or rowing on the lake. All of Chapultepec is a stage.

5. Villages in the city. People continue to lead peaceful lives in Coyoacán and Tlalpan.

6. Nature. Photograph the spectacular landscapes of the Cumbres del Ajusco or Desierto de los Leones.

7. Panoramic views. Capture the stunning views from the top of the Torre Latino, and the Chapultepec Castle or the Monument to the Revolution.

8. Intriguing spots Is that in Mexico City? Visit the Cultural Center El Chopo, UNAM’s exciting Sculpture Space or time travel at the Geology Museum opposite the Morisco Kiosc.

9. Murals. The work of key artists such as Siqueiros at the Polyforum and UNAM; or Diego Rivera at the National Palace.

10. Markets. Enjoy a sensory experience in the markets of San Juan, Xochimilco or Coyoacán.

Mexico City is an essential destination for photography lovers. However, as in any big city, watch your camera. Be polite: if you're going to photograph people, ask them first.

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