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A masterpiece of Mexican muralist art, the Polyforum Siqueiros is a tribute to the movement that brought culture and history to the people. The constant search for experimentation. The assimilation of new trends. A monumental piece of work like no other in the city.

The Polyforum is the culmination of David Alfaro Siqueiros' career. 237 sqmt of murals, ground-breaking architecture. A space that captures the eyes, captivates the imagination and stirs the conscience.

Take a walk outside  first. The "diamond", as it is known, is a 12-sided cube with 12 murals. Here you begin to sense the philosophical work of Siqueiros, built at the time of greatest cultural effervescence in Mexico, covering topics from the racial and cultural mixing to the atom. Around the mural, the  60 m long fence incorporates metalwork on the outside, innovative at the time. Inside, a tribute to the main muralists of Mexico on the 50th anniversary of the movement.

Inside the Polyforum, the magnificent set of murals La Marcha de la Humanidad (The March of Humanity). The pursuit of a better society. A new order, a new equilibrium. Technology, equality between men and women, the hope for a better future. Do not miss the sound and light show on the vault. It’s impressive.

Furthermore, within the Foro Universal there are art galleries devoted to two muralists: Mario Orozco Rivera and Dr. Atl.

If you like contemporary design, the extraordinary store Espacio Arte Emergente is a must.

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