Independence Day

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Every September 15, Mexicans take to the streets to celebrate independence with typical food, street parties and fireworks. You can feel the holiday atmosphere throughout the city and the boroughs organize celebrations in all the districts. If you are staying in Mexico City, here are some tips to help you get the most out of Independence Day.

The Shout. In every corner of the country,  people remember the Shout of Dolores given by Father Hidalgo, which triggered the War of Independence. If you come to Mexico City, we suggest you visit the Zocalo, where the president will go out onto the balcony of the Palacio de Gobierno to give El Grito to a packed Zócalo full of Mexicans ready to celebrate.

For a spectacular view, go to the Gran Hotel, which always arranges a very special dinner for that evening with music and reserves a place for you on the terrace to watch El Grito. Book well in advance-places are limited.

In many restaurants in town, you’ll find themed dinners on September 15 with traditional dishes, such as chiles en nogada (chilies in walnut sauce), pozole (hominy grits with chili sauce), tamales, mole (chicken with chocolate sauce) and buñuelos (feather-light pastry). The dinners are enlivened by music and entertainment.

But the fiesta is also celebrated in the street. In the Zocalo and the Ángel de la Independencia, there will be music, street parties and Mexican dishes. The city’s parks and main streets organize traditional festivities with music, fairs, street food and lots of atmosphere to celebrate and share this evening of partying for all Mexicans.

If you want to go to the Zocalo or the center tonight, bear in mind that the roads are closed in many places and that thousands of people come to the center every year. Give yourself enough time to arrive.

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