Jogging or on two wheels in Ciudad Universitaria

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On Sundays there is sweating to do. If you are in the south of the city you have a great choice for running or cycling in a natural setting: the Mario de la Cueva Circuit. It is part of the network of cycle paths in Ciudad Universitaria. The Ecological Reserve borders the UNAM and on Sundays it is closed to traffic, so many residents take advantage of that to play sports, go for a family stroll and walk the dogs, enjoying the outdoors. If you like to skate, this is a also good choice.

Start early, before the sun gets hot or if you want to train hard, because from mid-morning the circuit becomes very popular for family walks and cycling fast is more difficult. The circuit is more than 4 km long and has a good slope, so you can go round several times.

If you come on a weekday, don't miss the Espacio Escultórico, within the Reserva Ecológica, which you can access from the circuit.

On weekdays, the circuit is open to traffic, although it is not busy, it can present a hazard if you are not careful.

Avoid coming when Pumas (local team) are playing. The circuit may be closed to traffic.

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