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Cold beer or pulque? Cantina or restaurant? Mezcal or mojito? Live music or DJ? Mellow or wild? Nights at la Condesa are full of choices ... When the sun goes down, the beautiful people come out to see and be seen, to meet, to have drinks with friends and to dance all night. Modern and bohemian, hipsters and rockers. Everyone gathers in la Condesa, mixes, dilutes in an atmosphere both relaxed and vibrant.

Start by meeting for a round or two of cold beers while the restaurant tables are filling up. The area has so many options: New Mexican cuisine, Asian flavors, taste of the Mediterranean ... Try one of the new cocktail temples for a well-served mojito, a daiquiri or martini. The night has officially begun. The volume of the conversation increases with the music. Whichever music you like. Some pubs have live music. In the clubs the DJ mixes electronic music. The night continues until three, four or until you decide.

There are bars, discos and nightclubs throughout the area. You will find a great atmosphere on the streets of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Campeche. Check them all out here!

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Juan Escutia #4, Col. Condesa. 06170

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