La Condesa, vintage flair

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Graffiti on the art deco column; lattes on the terrace; inside the bicycle basket: books, flowers and organic spinach. Yoga centres, antique chairs by Alvar Aalto, young designers and hipster clothing, lifetime grocery shops, dog salons, art galleries, boutique hotels hidden in a courtyard, tamales sellers, majestic staircases of stately buildings, parks where dogs walk their masters, young people of all ages. This is la Condesa.

La Condesa Mexico embraces modernity. It was in the 30s that Art Deco broke colonial aesthetics. You will have to open your eyes wide to see what remains of those exciting times. Start your walk in the  Mexico Park  and go to the Charles Lindberg amphitheater. Note the columns, the stylized statue of a woman. Opposite, on Av. Mexico, the buildings of the Park and San Martín (numbers 167-169). We continue to seek stylized sinuous and geometric shapes around the neighborhood. Functionalism, by the hand of Luis Barragán, is also found in the neighborhood (numbers 141-143). Go to the Basurto Building to observe the masterful facade and dramatic black circular staircase. Opposite, also take a look at the facade of the hotel, another work of art. Arrive at Amsterdam and walk along the central median. The concrete benches with tiles and attached lamps are also from that time. La Princesa building is at the corner of Iztaccihuatl. Continue walking and between cafes and shopping, keep looking in the facades for these straight curved combinations which are so characteristic of Art Deco. Look at the window gratings, the doors and the house numbers. If you're observant you'll find the cosmopolitan elegance of the time everywhere.

La Condesa is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan neighborhoods of the city. You can go for a walk in the morning, visit some of the museums and have breakfast at any of the cafes, in addition to good espresso they serve excellent juices, muffins, omelets and whatever else you want. At lunchtime try the restaurants with sandwiches made of organic ingredients or meats and include Mexican dishes with a twist. In the afternoon, go for tea, a soft drink or an alcoholic beverage. 

There are hundreds of options for shopping: alternative clothing designers, vintage shops, antiques, art, accessories and books.

Tuesday is flea market day in la Condesa and so is Friday over Nuevo Leon and Campeche. A delicious contrast between the hipster and more traditional environment. Do not miss it.

You can rent a bicycle in Ecobici to go for a ride in la Condesa.

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Av. México s/n, Col. Hipódromo Condesa. 06170

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