La Merced, the sweet market

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They say that when you arrive at the La Merced Market by subway you will recognise the station by the smell of fruits and vegetables. And so it is as the station opens into the great nave dedicated to food. This huge market is, however, much more. Here you will find food, candy, crafts, flowers and any other items you ever dreamed of for your home or your business.

Start at the candy section. Candied fruit, jelly beans, candy of all kinds, locally produced chocolate, amaranth ... The month preceding Day of the Dead, you will find chocolate skulls, altars to the dead and sugar coffins. A treat.

If you continue in the market you will find the typical wooden toys and other Mexican crafts and further on, the coolness of thousands of flowers and plants. And beyond the huge nave with live basket weaving, leather work and all kinds of plumbing products for the kitchen, plastic and metal, for homes and restaurants, gardening and everything you need for everything. The whole city comes here to buy. Here you feel the real pulse of Mexico.

If you get hungry try something in one of the diners in the market. They specialize in quesadillas and tostados.

The market is closed on September 24, day of the Merced. That day is a feast for all workers in the market, organized by the 24 mayordomías.

As in any crowded place, watch your belongings.

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