La Roma, the bohemian district

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Exclusive, alternative and traditional: Roma is a neighborhood of contrasts you can explore at your leisure. We suggest you start at Álvaro Obregón, the large landscaped avenue that crosses the area and divides it into Roma Norte and Roma Sur. You will find hotels, bookstores, art galleriescafes and trendy restaurants on both sides, many newly opened, because this is the epicenter of the alternative culture of the city.

You shouldn't miss the Casa Lamm Cultural Center an old mansion that now houses excellent exhibits and a great restaurant, one of the best in town. Explore the north side, climbing Orizaba to the Rio de Janeiro Park to browse the small shops that dot the neighborhood. In calle Tabasco and calle Colima you will find a succession of architectural styles that give the most eclectic point to the neighborhood. Designer shops, objects in recycled materials, art galleries and graffiti everywhere, but also gourmet bakeries, cocktail bars and great restaurants.

In calle Colima, go into the Object Museum a fascinating space in which everyday objects tell the story of Mexican society over the last century. Located in a beautiful art nouveau building, this museum shares in the atmosphere of cultural ferment of the neighborhood.

Now cross to the south side, to the Plaza Luis Cabrera to discover the most traditional neighborhood, the one where people live there whole life and where young people from the north side mingle with older people from the south. There are few places where you'll find so many contrasts living in harmony within just a few blocks.

Take your camera; the streets are full of contrasts you will love. An urban style between decadent, hipster and alternative, in a completely relaxed atmosphere.

You can come to Roma on your rented Ecobici, the Avenue Alvaro Obregon is ideal for a ride.

If you want a more popular flavor, continue south on Merida to the Mercado de Medellín, or see the Sunday flea market that is set up on Morelia.

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Álvaro Obregón #99, Col. Roma Norte. 06700

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