Little boats at Lincoln Park

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Do you like boats? Come sail on Sunday. Yes, sail in Mexico City!

At Lincoln Park nautical modelling enthusiasts gather every Sunday afternoon to sail their boats. Come with your family to spend a special day out in one of the city’s most beautiful parks.

Start at the section of the park named Ángela Peralta, which has an amphitheatre for outdoor plays and concerts, as well as an aviary, and a playground. You can come by bike or on skates, for there is a running track around the park. Pets are welcome.

You’ll find the most colourful boats in the first section, since the professional modellers gather there. The boat parade includes yachts, fishing boats, cruise ships, battleships... every type of boat you could possibly imagine. While the children play, you can closely observe these small works of art, faithful models to the original scale, built with care by each modeller. If you talk to the modellers you’ll discover that they know even the most minute details about the design, history and finishing of each boat.

But it’s not all just looking! Further on, at the junction with Julio Verne, you too can play. You can rent a boat there and even take part in competitions against other sailors.

You’ll find many great options to eat at nearby restaurants or to simply enjoy an ice cream. A flea market is set up along Calle Emilio Castelar every Saturday.

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Av. Emilio Castelar s/n, Col. Polanco Chapultepec. 11560

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