Luis Barragan's house-studio

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The Luis Barragan House, a World Heritage Site, is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. It is a reflection on space, volume, life, art, inspiration and movement. Its lines converse, the colours play with emotions, and the spaces are suited for the function for which they were designed. This house is a place of pilgrimage for architecture enthusiasts from all over the world.

The house reinterprets elements of popular architecture, experimenting with volumes, shapes, materials, light and shadow. From the austere facade -you run the risk of walking past it- to the unusual terrace, each room has its own cadence. The entrance hall is like the appetizer which cleanses the palate; you isolate yourself from the outside here and get ready to enter. There is a lounge that opens to the garden area, a library with the famous staircase, an airy studio, a wild garden, austere rooms, handcrafted furniture, sacred art and abstract paintings. Everything blends together, because every part is understood as part of a whole, and the whole is shocking and powerful.


Tours are guided, with a day of anticipation, and Monday through Sunday by appointment; to request please send an email to  casaluisbarragan@gmail.com, or call to +52 (55) 5515 4908.

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General Francisco Ramirez #12, Col. Daniel Garza. 11840

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