Mariachi serenade

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He sings his heart out. The great Mexican fiesta is in the Garibaldi Plaza. From the evening, the mariachi groups that will be playing all night start to form. This is where they come to hire music: Music to serenade your beloved, for a party, for singing, living, laughing and mourning, because mariachi music speaks love and heartbreak, illusion and loss. It is music that touches the heart and moves you. Paseo de las Luminarias, on the side of the square, is dedicated to the greatest in Mexican music: Lola Beltran, Pedro Infante, Jose Alfredo Jimenez.

Join the crowd that arrives every evening at the Garibaldi Plaza. Ranchera, northern, marimba music ... The restaurants are filled, the bars are filled. The tequila flows, spirits rise, voices sing. Music plays and everybody sings. At some point a quiet man with the famous "jolts" in his box of colors arrives, as if out of an old film. The group yells while he suffers cries of derision. It is the Mexican night. Do not miss it.

The mariachi is much more than party music. This tradition is recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

There are police and surveillance by the square until dawn, but still watch your belongings.

Drinking alcohol outside the bars is not allowed.

There is a taxi stand on the Eje Central so you do not have to worry about returning to the hotel.

If you arrive during the day you can eat authentic Mexican food in the traditional San Camilito Market.

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