Mountain races in the Desierto de los Leones

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The place where they train champions. If you like mountain racing or are keen on mountain biking, no place in Mexico City compares to the Desierto de Los Leones. A magnificent National Park which will make you forget you're in the city. Breathtaking views. Mountain air. And all the difficulty you can cope with.

The Cerro de San Miguel challenges you. You can climb to the top (8-11 km if you want a technical climb or a running climb all the way) or take the circular route (30 km) of unpaved road route. Get ready for a hard workout: the tracks begin at 3,000 m above sea level and the summit is 3,700 m above sea level.

Start your run in Cruz Blanca. The starting points for the track are marked. You go through the woods and enjoy the stillness. The track becomes increasingly steeper and rockier. If you chose the technical path, you have to jump from rock to rock in some sections. If the day is clear and there is no fog, when you get to the top where a small shrine is located, the views over Mexico City will be worth the effort.

Bring maps, GPS, mobile phone and everything you need before setting off. There are rangers but if you go off the track, you can end up lost.

You can also hike along the same routes. The ascent to the summit will take you 2 to 21/2 hours.

Access to the park with animals is not allowed.

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