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Go to the museum, close your eyes and open your ears, mind and imagination. During the museum nights anything is possible. Because museums are not just places for looking, they are places where ideas and thoughts must flow.

Deciding where to go is the first challenge. The calendar of events every museum night is huge and each hosts a different activity. Stroll through the galleries listening to a jazz quartet. Or view a photojournalism report while an indigenous group plays. Enters a room where a panel discussion is taking place. Bring your children to an art workshop. Take a tour staged by a Pantheon. Listen to the treble voices of a choir of children. Attend the screening of a film. Take a guided tour of a temporary exhibition. Learn to take photographs. During the museum nights anything is possible.

Museum nights are held on the last Wednesday of each month from 7 pm. Check the schedule to find out which museums are involved that night and decide what you want to do.

You may find the Museum Night program here.

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José María Pino Suárez #51, Col. Centro. 06020

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