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Mexican fare with a universal vocation. Restaurants which could be in SoHo but are in Condesa, and gradually also in Roma. Newly arrived talents, with an intimate knowledge of the exquisite Mexican cuisine, bring with them new ways of understanding the world, including food. The most cosmopolitan and daring kitchens are here.

Traditional Mexican cooking is so complex it could be considered haute cuisine. To prepare a mole in the traditional way, technique, knowledge, time and love are required. The stars of Mexican cuisine are reinterpreting the flavors and traditional recipes to make them universal. They are opening the doors to a new generation of chefs, often with experience in other countries, who returned to Mexico willing to take themselves and fine dining to a new dimension.

You will find the connection between moles and curries; try unusual ceviches; rediscover old recipes reincarnated in a thousand versions. You will recognize what´s Mexican in surprising dishes. You will eat at restaurants which are part bistro and part fine dining. Chalkboards on the walls, designer lamps, relaxed atmosphere, luxury wines and signature mezcal. That is the new spirit of Mexican cuisine.

Check out the trendiest restaurants in la Condesa here, or try the gourmet restaurants too.

In the Roma area, there are also restaurants opening with a new approach to Mexican cuisine, especially in Avenida Alvaro Obregon. Find them here.

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Juan Escutia #4, Col. Condesa. 06170

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