Niñopan in La Candelaria

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The child Jesus, one more child. In Xochimilco the Niñopan is known as the pilgrim child of the neighborhood because he has no temple but his house is that of the mayordomo who takes care of him and welcomes him as one of the family. It is a great honor to be the mayordomo of the Niñopan Butler and the waiting list is ... more than 30 years!

They make the Niñopan feel at home. They sing to him, undress him and dress him every morning, put him in his cot. Throughout the year the faithful come to the house of the mayordomo to worship him, to ask for things, to thank him. They say that at night, he apparently goes out to make mischief and they find his clothes and shoes dirty. If you come on the 2 February, it is the day of the Candelaria in Xochimilco. Thousands of people come to the San Bernardino de Siena Church for the changing of the mayordomo ceremony and the seeds are also blessed for a good harvest. The procession leaves the cathedral for the house of the new mayordomo, where the party continues with mariachi, student bands, food and fireworks. The streets are adorned with bows and flowers. The atmosphere is festive.

You can also see the Niñopan during Pastorelas and the fiestas of Xochimilcoon 30 April and 10 May.

The image of the Niñopan dating from 1575 is one of the oldest and most venerated in America.

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