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The holiest place in America. 12 million faithful from all over the world come every year to worship the Virgin of Guadalupe, not only patroness of Mexico but of the Americas. When you go to Villa de Guadalupe, on the way, you will see congregations from all over Mexico taking their flowers and their images to the Virgin. There are also guilds making the pilgrimage, even clowns. You see families line up to baptize their young children, dressed in white. You will see believers kneel fulfilling a promise. You will see young and old pray in silence, with tears of emotion, joy or pain. You see, in short, the very deep devotion to the Guadalupe which unites people of all backgrounds in this sacred place.

In the new Basilica religious services take place as worshipers respectfully wait their turn in the long line to get close to the agave linen or cloak that is miraculously preserved with the uncorrupted image of the Virgin. Anticipation and recollection. For many Mexicans it is mandatory to come see the Guadalupana once in their lifetime. And with them, millions of faithful from around the world complete the eternal ebb and flow of people coming here to ask for hope, to thank or simply to know about its Patron.

The feast of Virgen de Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12. If you come as a tourist, keep in mind that during that day and the days preceding it, millions of people come for the celebration.

The Basilica of Guadalupe is one of the most visited places of worship in the world after St. Peter's in Rome. Be patient and respectful if you have to queue or if you're just taking pictures. You are in a holy place.

Follow the Camino Guadalupano, starting at the San Francisco Temple, continuing past the Metropolitan Cathedral and Santiago Tlatelolco Convent and finally ending at the Guadalupe Basilica.

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