On Sundays, zumba and bikes in Reforma

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Mexico City residents take over the center every Sunday morning; cars are banned. The Reforma Avenue is transformed into a huge street circuit with the Ángel de la Independencia as reference. Young and old, groups of friends, students, athletes and families flood the streets to have a workout. Children learn to ride their bikes or skate with their parents. Dogs trot happily with their owners. For a few hours, Reforma is the territory of pedestrians, athletes and citizens.

Get your sportswear on and go to the center. If you like dancing, zumba trainers get hundreds of people moving from two immense stages; everybody is concentrating in one big party. If you prefer biking you can rent one right there and join the flow of cyclists and skaters. A great way to enjoy the center in a healthy, stimulating and festive atmosphere.

If you want to rent a bike you can do it at any of the stalls on site. You just have to leave an official ID.

In Zocalo a stage with Zumba instructors is also set up for those who want to exercise.

After your morning exercise, explore the surroundings. You can visit the Zona Rosa or go to the flea markets which are set up every Sunday in the city: Art Garden, La Lagunilla ...

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Paseo de la Reforma s/n, Col. Juárez. 06600

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